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Amar Ujala

The credit of founding Amar Ujala goes to Late Mr. Dori Lal Agarwal and Late Mr. Murari Lal Maheshwari. They had founded Amar Ujala on 18th April, 1948 from Agra and it was a 4-page newspaper at that time. This newspaper was launched to endorse social awakening and make people aware about their responsibilities for the newly independent nation. During the initial stage, the publishers used to publish news regarding social activities, political activities and crime. Amar Ujala used to publish only 2576 copies when it was launched, but 20 years later it had started publishing and distributing more than 20,000 copies across whole Western Uttar Pradesh. This newspaper had started flourishing slowly, but till the 90s Amar Ujala had become one of the leading newspapers of India. People were using Amar Ujala Classified ads to promote services, products and also for finding jobs.

In starting, Amar Ujala was limited to Western Districts of Uttar Pradesh, but today it is serving as a prominent newspaper to states like Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir. Now it is a 16-page newspaper that distributes 31,46,000 copies every day in different languages. Amar Ujala has got fame for its unbiased news and straight way of addressing rising issues in India. It also publishes colorful magazines along with the Amar Ujala Compact. Many readers depend on Amar Ujala Classified Ads to find details on property sales, jobs, products and services.

Why Amar Ujala?

People from northern states of India depend largely on Amar Ujala for their daily news updates. The unbiased nature and honest way of reporting activities makes it the best choice for every reader. Along with daily news updates, Amar Ujala is also a great source of advertisement. Many business owners plan to book advertisement in newspaper to gain competitive advantage over their rivals.

Amar Ujala promotes your products and services in a much better way. It brings you to the targeted customers and thus it improves the chances of growth in sales for your business. You can use ad booking portal www.bookmyadvertisement.com and book space for your ads in Amar Ujala newspaper.

Benefits you gain, when you book ads in Amar Ujala:

  1. Amar Ujala is one of the most celebrated newspapers of India that is working since the independence.
  2. It is active in 7 different states of India.
  3. Amar Ujala advertisement booking is quite simple and cost-effective too.
  4. It is active in both urban and rural areas of India, where the maximum readers buy Amar Ujala.

How to book ads?

  1. Choose the category and then choose state, city and the type of ad along with type of ad package.

The categories for ad booking include:

  • Matrimonial Ads.
  • Property Ads.
  • Situation Vacant Ads.
  • Education Ads.
  • Tour and Travel Ads.
  • Automobile Ads.
  • Business Ads.
  • Name Change Ads.

       2. Create the ad and review it before drafting and also select a date for publication.

       3. Choose any suitable payment method and make the payment for publishing the ad in Amar Ujala.

You will obtain an automatically generated invoice for your payment on offered email address. It is sent by www.bookmyadvertisement.com team as the confirmation of receiving payment for the advertisement. The editorial team of Amar Ujala will review the ad and then publish it on specified date.

Frequently asked questions:

What are classified ads?

Amar Ujala publishes two types of classified ads, which are

  • Running classified ads: This type of ads can be educational ads or any other sort of ads, which Amar Ujala publishes in its classified section. It can be published as the running line or words format.
  • Display Classified ads: These ads are costlier than normal classified ads. These are published in columns and impact better than normal classified ads. You can choose attractive background, color and fonts to make it more attractive for the readers.

Q. What is the process of booking situation vacant ad in Amar Ujala’s Agra edition?

Ans. The best approach for booking situation vacant ads is going online and following the above given ad booking process to book situation vacant ads. Booking ads online would be quite handy because you can create the matter and use online ad booking tools provided by www.bookmyadvertisement.com to publish your Classified / Display Classified ad in Amar Ujala.

Still have queries feel free to write to us at: admin@bookmyadvertisement.com or call us at: 011-43000744

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